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Thursday, December 10, 2009


Let’s be honest. If you allow it, life can be dull. Boredom can overtake us easily, paralyze us. It is my firm belief that we are creatures of adventure. There is something innate in all of us that wants to know itself, find our truth, know what our limits are and then push ourselves a little beyond. But where is the adventure in modern day society? Where is the thrill? A trip to the supermarket does not exactly set my adrenaline racing. “For our convenience and safety... Everything is spoon fed to us.” Things are almost too easy. There is no challenge, no mystery, no belief in anything beyond the physical. Modern day thrills for example seem to involve strapping elastic bands to our feet and then throwing ourselves off bridges. Worse still there is a horribly misguided thrill of drugs,
of crime. So where then can we assuage that need for adventure, to test ourselves? For me, it’s the testing of my skills. If I can call upon the Spirit of Fire and have it be my friend and ally, can I do it in uncontrolled conditions in the forest? Can I then do it in any season? In the rain? Instantly and spontaneously with no one to see me do it? For you see, so much of what we do is fueled by ego, self importance and self serving interests..... our society demands it. Just little pushes of my limits, but the pushes are constant, both relieving and then fuelling that need for adventure at the same time. You can do this with any skill, physical or Spiritual. We just have to choose to focus on it. Ah yes Choice. It is our choice if we have hundreds of small adventures each day, our choice if we push ourselves, our choice to notice our limits and then leave them behind. It is our choice to go beyond what is considered impossible, constantly emptying our cup so as to refill it from the stream of knowledge. Impossible is a state of mind, not reality, we limit ourselves with fear, the fear of failure, of finding our limits and not having the courage or will to go beyond them. Of coming face to face with ourselves, with our own Spirit and finding it lacking. To find out that you do not believe without question, trust without question in yourself then choosing to be complacent instead of forging onward. Choosing to believe that your experience is the only experience simply because you have fallen into the trap of complacency, turning on your TV and saying "oh well". Because you have never smelled an apple, does it mean that an apple has no smell?
Because you have never tasted an apple, does it mean that an apple has no taste?
Because you have never seen an apple, does it mean that the apple is not real?
Because you have never experienced the greater reality around you, does it mean there is nothing beyond your experience?
No, it just means you are not aware of reality, that which is beyond your ability to perceive, to experience and to accept.
Once you let go of your preconceived notions and go beyond what you have been told is true, seeking your own truth without prejudice, judgement or bias. Then you are truly seeking awareness of reality, knowledge and wisdom.
Intent and Purpose is the vehicle through which you move forward on your path, the path is truth and on the path, Awareness is 9/10's of the law of spirit.
We are all here seeking some form of truth.
Call it what you want; love, meaning, communication, relationships-whatever you want, but in reality, we are each confessing some truth that we have discovered about ourselves.
In the act of confession we are also seeking confirmation, questing for the truth of what we have discovered or believe so as not to feel so different or so alone, strange.
If there is only one thing that i have learned about our society , it would be the fact that it does not like "different". The problem with a quest for truth is that it becomes like a hungry cat.
Cruel in its playfullness, forever hungry and hunting. Seeking knowledge is good, but there are many forms of knowledge found everywhere. Seeking and finding truth is like a rare orchid, elusive, beautiful and never easily accessable or what you thought. With truth , the newness is experienced by the mind, but tomorrow that experience becomes mechanical if you try to repeat the sensation , the pleasure of it. The description is never real. What is real, is seeing the truth instantaneously, because truth has no tomorrow. Truth has no path in the realm of man, in the world of our society where we are "told" what to believe, what is real, what is truth. Therefore we never quest beyond what is "accepted" as reality, as possible, as truth. Truth is living and therefore immortal.
Let the sacred skills be your adventure. Who knows where they may lead you. I leave you with one of my favorite quotes;
“It is not death that one should fear,
but the fear of never beginning to
live at all.”

Monday, December 7, 2009


I have learned over my life that most people live each day deaf, dumb and blind to the reality of life that is happening around them at all times, bored out of their skulls. Their is never a moment when nothing is happening.
People go through their lives looking at everything but never seeing anything, the way light sparkles off a drop of water, the universe of light and colour in a handful of sand.
The rich aroma of damp earth and wet leaves,stopping to live the tapestry of light and shifting colours in a sunset, never coming back to take part in the wonder and magic of the sunrise, a rebirth of a new day. That feeling of calm and happiness that slides through you and says," My god, I am here and a part of this."
Most never take note of the feelings, the joyous riot of emotions and peace created by the smell and taste of warm,golden summer sunlight, the soft ,silken touch of the breeze like a lovers caress.
The moist kiss of rain on your skin,like lips gently moving down your body , making you tremble for more, causing your soul to ache for just one more.
For you, Thanksgiving only comes once a year, for me, every moment is a cause for celebration. It is all the little moments, experienced to the fullest and strung together that makes your life what it is.
In the long ago time there was no races of people, it did not matter what your skin colour was or where you came from, we all as one, thought of ourselves as " The People " and every one of us lived, breathed, ate and drank this Thanksgiving every moment of our lives.
The People have forgotten this and many other things, isolating themselves not only from each other but from all our brothers , sisters and cousins of the earth.
We have the same DNA as the trees and live a perfect symbiotic and balanced relationship with them. When a tree exhales, we inhale and when we exhale the trees inhale. Every type of tree and plant has an entire community living with and around it, be it medicinal or that which provides shelter, fire, food or water. Destroy those trees and you destroy the community that lives with them and yourselves. Trees are pure sunlight.
We have exactly the same water and solid mass content in our bodies as the Mother Earth has in hers, what we do to the earth, we do to ourselves.
Of the 100 most powerful economic powers in the world 41 are countries, 59 are corporations, so tell me, who controls the social conciousness. Who sets the standards of social conditioning?
We as The People are not the dominate species on the earth, only the brothers, sisters and cousins to all other life, our job is to be the caretakers of the earth for them. What we do should be done with the children, grandchildren and great grandchildren for seven generations in mind, not only our own but those of all things. We where at one time children of the earth. What are we now? We must become Children of the Earth again.
I weave the tapestry of my own life and it is beautiful.
What does yours look like?
It is not until you are at the end of yours and look back on what you have created, becoming afraid and bitter because there is nothing there to look at but tangled threads and broken dreams.